Leti Arts participates in the U.S.- Africa Business Forum


Leti Arts participates in the U.S.- Africa Business Forum

ACCRA, GHANA. August 3, 2014

Leti Arts, , an interactive media studio developing mobile games and digital comics based on African history and folklore, has been invited to participate in the U.S.-Africa Business Forum, as part of President Obama’s U.S.-Africa Leaders’ Summit.

Starting from August 4 – 6, President Obama is hosting leaders from across the African continent for the U.S.-Africa Leaders’ Summit in Washington D.C. The theme of the U.S.-Africa Leaders’ Summit is “Investing in the Next Generation”.

Leti Arts has a mission to leverage African talent to develop games, comics and mobile apps, with a vision to grow to encompass animated series, feature films, merchandise and theme parks, through partnerships and licensing of intellectual property.

Leti Arts produces in-house content based on their flagship franchise, Africa’s Legends, which reimagines African folklore and historic legends as elite superheroes fighting crime in present day Africa. Africa’s Legends content is delivered via their mobile distribution platform, Leti Center, available on Android, Windows Phone and Nokia Java devices.

Leti Arts also has a rich portfolio of projects executed for social activism, civic education, healthcare and corporate training. A typical example is a project led by Afroes, a Kenyan Non Profit, deploying two social activism/civic education games, Haki: Shield & Defend (promoting environmental rights in Kenya) and Haki 2: Chaguo Ni Lako (civic education during the 2012 Kenyan elections). Another exemplary project is a scenario based, role playing game called H.E.L.P., which helps simulate health emergencies as a knowledge testing tool for nurses in Kenya. H.E.L.P. was developed for Kemri-Wellcome Trust and their partner, Oxford University.

Leti Arts has several international nominations including being a 2013 World Summit Award (WSA) Nominee in the e-Entertainment & Games category and a 2014 MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMA) Nominee in a new category, ‘Transform Today’, which seeks to honour innovative African entertainment businesses outside of the music industry.

The U.S.-Africa Business Forum on August 5 at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington, D.C., is hosted by the U.S. Department of Commerce and Bloomberg Philanthropies. The Forum seeks to create a new platform to promote trade, accelerate job growth, and encourage investment across the continent.

“The opportunities for the United States and Africa to work together to achieve mutual prosperity for our countries and our people are growing.”
U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker, United States Department of Commerce

The list of invited guests from Africa include stalwarts like Dangote Industries, Orascom Telecom and The African Development Bank and also includes six Ghanaian businesses.

Leti Arts is participating through its CEO, Eyram Tawia, one of the next generation of business leaders in Africa. Eyram Tawia and Wesley Kirinya, Co-Founder and CTO of Leti Arts are the first African Speakers at the Game Developers Conference (GDC), presenting a talk titled, “The Emerging Landscape of African Game Development” in 2013. Eyram Tawia, also recently participated in the Deutsche-Welle Global Media Forum.

Eyram Tawia has also won several awards including the 2012 British Council Young Creative Entrepreneur and was also adjudged one of six Ghana Innovation Heroes, an initiative spearheaded by Google Ghana in 2013.

“ I am excited to represent young entrepreneurs in Ghana and Africa, who dare to make a difference through unbridled passion for big ideas, within one of the toughest business and investment environments. My goal is to show Africa is ready. We have the people, passion and skills and all we need, is the right strategic investments to complete the ecosystem. ”
Eyram Tawia (CEO, Leti Arts)

We are delighted to be participating in the U.S.-Africa Business Forum. Leti Arts pursuing game development in Africa, is representative of a new crop of African technology businesses pursuing big ideas. We believe our participation can help influence US private investments in the technology sector of Africa, as a means of empowering Africa for economic growth.

We are grateful to our partners over the years for helping propel us to ever greater heights. We are especially grateful to Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST) and Google Ghana for continuing to support entrepreneurs in Ghana and for their support to our trip to Washington D.C.

About Leti Arts

Leti Arts develops cross-platform interactive media products based on African history and folklore, including digital comics and mobile games. As one of a handful of interactive media studios in sub-Saharan Africa, Leti introduces global audiences to African storytelling.  Leti Arts has offices in Accra, Ghana and Nairobi, Kenya, and was founded by Eyram Tawia and Wesley Kirinya.

Visit us on http://www.letiarts.comFacebook, Twitter and Google+

About U.S.-Africa Business Forum

Bloomberg Philanthropies and the U.S. Department of Commerce will co-host the first-ever U.S.-Africa Business Forum, a day focused on trade and investment opportunities on the continent for African heads of government and American business leaders. This Forum will be a part of President Obama’s U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit, a historic convening of African heads of state and government.

More Info on U.S.-Africa Business Forum:

About Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST)

The Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST) and the MEST Incubator program provide training, investment and mentoring for aspiring technology entrepreneurs with the goal of creating globally successful companies that create wealth and jobs locally in Africa.

To date, the MEST Incubator has invested in over 15 companies and backed more than 35 co-founders. Our focus is on companies in the following areas: SaaS, Consumer Internet, eCommerce, Digital Media, and Healthcare IT.

More on MEST:, Twitter


Meet the Interns

Leti Arts as part of our commitment and passion to train and mentor upcoming artists, illustrators and game developers runs internship programs, as often as our work schedule permits us.

We believe in providing a platform for personal growth and to demystify and remove any barriers to dreaming big about what you can achieve right from Ghana.

We would like you to meet our current crop of interns as they come near the end of their internships. We had a total of three (3) interns this internship period, which run from June to Mid-August. Let’s meet the interns.

Samuel Agyeman

Institution: Ashesi University
Course: Computer Science
Personal Goal: Become better at 3D Design and Illustration within a game development context

Samuel at Leti Arts
Samuel wants to be part of the creative side of game development through 3D design. However, Samuel during this internship, has had to move out of his comfort zone and work primarily with our Creative Director on a project for a third party client.

The project required him to do illustrations and game artwork by tracing and colouring in-game elements and background scenes for the project from existing images or photographs. This included people, buildings and other in-animate objects. The project also taught him team work and organization which are essential skills in the creative industry.

Samuel also worked with the Online Marketing Lead and created graphics for social media content, especially themed content around Ghana’s matches for the just ended 2014 World Cup.

Here is a sample of some of the artwork Samuel has produced during his internship.

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George Essiful Assan

Institution: Ashesi University
Course: Computer Science
Personal Goal: Become better at Graphic Design & Illustration within a game development context

George at Leti Arts
George was assigned to the online marketing team primarily and worked with Nana Kwabena Owusu, our Online Marketing Lead.

He was tasked with creating content for the social media pages of Leti Arts, as well as our Africa’s Legends and The True Ananse franchise pages. Content ranged from themed content for the 2014 World Cup, themed content for our #LetiLikes, #SuperPowerTues, #ThrowBackThursday and #LetiFunFriday campaigns on Facebook, Twitter & Google+.

He was also tasked with turning existing Leti Arts comics into a format suitable for our proprietary Leti Center comic reader and additional third party platforms including Comixology. He worked on upcoming issues for both The True Ananse and Africa’s Legends and other third party comics.

He is also working on a project for a third party client, helping with the data model and structures for the backend of a game project.

Here is a sample of some of the artwork he has produced during his internship.

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Prince Kwashie

Personal Goal: Gain experience in the role of a Creative Director
Institution: Takoradi Polytechnic
Course: Graphic Design

Prince at Leti Arts
Prince as a graphic design student has had the opportunity to learn more about digital art and illustration under the guidance of our Creative Director, Eugene Kwame Akoto.

The main project he has been working on is a game for a third party client. The project has allowed him to explore what it means to be a creative director in a game development environment and the relationship between the design team and the programming team.

It has also allowed him to discover new ways of illustrating and colouring digital artwork including tracing from existing images, tracing from photographs for unique poses and illustrating using a Wacom tablet. Team work and organization are additional essential skills he has been exposed to as part of his internship.

Here is a sample of some of the artwork Prince produced during his internship.

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The Leti Arts team has enjoyed having this crop of interns here and will continue to enjoy the last days with them until their respective internships end. At the end of it all, we hope they had fun and have progressed in their respective pursuits of greatness.


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MTN Ghana Go Rio Game Banner

Leti Arts develops soccer game for MTN Ghana World Cup promo

The 2014 FIFA World Cup fever is nearing its peak and with it comes marketing promotions by brands and corporate entities to capitalize on the biggest sports event in the world.

MTN Ghana has a promotion dubbed MTN Go Rio which seeks to make people increase their ‘Bolaness’ by talking, texting and browsing more on MTN to win BOLA prizes.

Imagine watching all the football matches on a brand new flat screen TV, or travelling on an all-expense paid trip to Rio to watch the football matches live or better still driving around town in a Sleek KIA Rio.

Just show your ‘Bolaness’ today. Continue to use your MTN number and stand a chance to win Bola prizes including smart phones and other amazing prizes.

So feel the Bola passion…keep talking, texting and browsing and win BOLA with MTN Go Rio. Dial * 120# to check your scores now!

MTN Ghana as part of making this promotion truly ‘BOLA’ in every sense, has released a game to complement the offline promotion, dubbed the MTN Ghana Go Rio Game.

The MTN Ghana Go Rio Game is a penalty shoot-out soccer game available now for the web (Facebook and soon on the MTN Ghana website), with plans for a mobile version (Android) soon.

The gameplay is simple. Beat the goalie (who we have nicknamed at Leti Arts, BOLA) and become the best penalty shoot-out player in Ghana. Post your high scores to the Hall of Fame and retain bragging rights over your friends.


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  1. TAP any point in the goal post to choose where to shoot the ball
  2. Watch the Power Meter and TAP again to set how hard to shoot the ball (Aim for Green Zones or Dead Center to improve chances of scoring)
  3. You have ONLY 5 Misses during each shoot out. Level up to reset your misses!


  1. Aim for Green Zones of Power Meter. Red is too Hard, Yellow is too Low
  2. Dead Center on the Power Meter always equals a GOAL!!

What are you waiting for, go play the MTN Ghana Go Rio Game on Facebook and let your friends know who is BOLA!

Nominee: 2014 MAMA

Leti Arts Nominated for 2014 MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMA)


Leti Arts nominated in the ‘Transform Today’ category for the 2014 MAMA Awards

 Accra, Ghana – April 17, 2014:  Leti Arts, an interactive media studio with offices in Ghana and Kenya, has been nominated for an award in the 2014 MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMA), in an event held in Johannesburg, South Africa on April 16, 2014.

Leti Arts is nominated for achievement in a non-music field, in a new MAMA Award category called ‘Transform Today by Absolut’.

“ Transform Today by Absolut, is an award designed to recognize and support young, emerging and original African creative talents who use their imagination to fuel social transformation and bring positive attention to the continent.

Leti Arts is proud to have been nominated for this award and wish to share the honour with all current and past team members and well-wishers who have helped propel the vision to its current state.

We are happy that our passion to entertain global audiences using our African superhero franchise, Africa’s Legends, through interactive digital formats such as games, digital comics and interactive apps has been recognized by the nomination panel for the 2014 MAMA Awards.

 Eyram Tawia (CEO, Leti Arts)

 Leti Arts congratulate their fellow nominees in the ‘Transform Today by Absolut’ category for their achievements in propelling African entertainment forward. They also extend congratulations to fellow nominees from Ghana (Sarkodie, Fuse ODG, Efya, R2bees) and Kenya (Lupita Nyong’o, Sauti Sol, Amani), and wish them the best of luck in their respective award categories.

Voting for the MTV Africa Music Awards is open from 16 April 2014 until midnight on 4 June 2014 via the official voting website:

Leti Arts encourages all our their fans to get involved in the public voting for the 2014 MAMA awards and to vote for the nominees from Ghana and Kenya to push them to the top of their respective categories.

To get more info visit

About Leti Arts

Leti Arts develops cross-platform interactive media products based on African history and folklore, including digital comics and mobile games. As one of a handful of interactive media studios in sub-Saharan Africa, Leti introduces global audiences to African storytelling.

Leti Arts has offices in Accra, Ghana and Nairobi, Kenya, and was founded by Eyram Tawia and Wesley Kirinya.

Visit us on http://www.letiarts.comFacebook, Twitter and Google+

About Africa’s Legends

Africa’s Legends is a superhero franchise from Leti Arts influenced by folklore and historic legends from across Africa.  In  Africa’ s Legends, Leti Arts  reimagines African folklore and historic legends, interspersed with fictional characters, as elite superheroes fighting crime in present day Africa.

Follow Africa’s Legends on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Africa's Legends Game / Marvel Puzzle Quest

Great Minds, Think Alike. Africa’s Legends Game and Marvel Puzzle Quest

It is always exciting to come across products which validate an idea you have and are pursuing. It is even better when it comes from a person or brand or business within your industry that is considered a juggernaut. It feels good to know you are headed in the right direction.

In this respect, Leti Arts and Marvel/D3Publishing are great minds, thinking alike in mobile games.

The game for Africa’s Legends, is a tile-matching puzzle based, fight simulation game using superheroes and villains from the Africa’s Legends universe. Match 3 or more tiles of the same color to attack your opponents. Special game tiles/gems boost your attack or increase your defence.

Marvel Puzzle Quest, is game combing characters from the Marvel Universe with the match 3 puzzles from Puzzle Quest in a fun and compelling game.

We came across this similar idea around our Africa’s Legends game, which in hindsight made us remember, if you think it, it has probably been done or is being done.

Does this mean our dream of a fighting game with Thor versus Pharaoh or Captain America versus Shaka is coming true soon? Maybe…. :-)

However, although similar, each game has its own unique implementation of merging tile matching puzzles with a fight simulation game. Enjoy these comparison pics between portions of the two games.


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Africa's Legends: The Game

The Africa’s Legends Game

Africa’s Legends, our universe of African superheroes, influenced by African history and mythology, interspersed with awesome fictional characters, has its very own game. If you haven’t downloaded and played the game, here is a quick primer.

The Game

The Africa’s Legends game is a puzzle based, fight simulation game using superheroes and villains from the Africa’s Legends universe. The game merges the idea of a fighting game, with the simple and much beloved casual gaming genre of tile matching.

Coloured game tiles have icons on them, symbolizing a power move. Matching same color tiles initiates a move as determined by the corresponding icon.

Africa's Legends, fight simulation, puzzled based  game

Africa’s Legends, fight simulation, puzzled based game

The goal of the game is therefore simple but requires strategy to win.

Match three tiles of the same color in a row or column to attack  your opponents with various kicks and punches until your opponents are defeated or they defeat you!

The more tiles you match, the better for your scores. There are also special game tiles which boost your attacking power or shield you from dangerous enemy attacks.

Africa's Legends Game: Basic & Special Gems

Game Play Modes

The Africa’s Legends game, has two playing modes, Quick Battle and Quest Mode.

  • Quick Battle:

Play as any character and fight in a one on one battle against an opponent of your choice. This means you fight both your team mates and villains.

  • Quest Mode:

Quest mode is a progressive game play mode in which you play to defeat opponents at each stage.

Battle to save the rest of your team from a hypnotic spell cast by a super evil Wadabe assassin, known only as The Assassin.

Quest Mode also includes badges, which can be unlocked by defeating opponents. Get badges like the ‘God of Wisdom’ for defeating Ananse or ‘Gamma Master’ for defeating Ruddy.

Screenshot Gallery

Here are more screenshot images of scenes from the game.

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Download: Africa’s Legends

The game is currently available on Android as a FREE download in the Google Play Store. The game is tied into the Africa’s Legends app, which also includes the pilot issue of the comic, Africa’s Legends #1 for free.

Google Play: Africa's Legends, The Game

Africa’s Legends Game

Download Africa’s Legends and don’t forget to leave a review and rating.


HFC - KNUST Entreprenurship Clinic

Leti Arts CEO speaks at HFC Bank-KNUST Entrepreneurship Clinic

The Centre for Business Development in partnership with HFC Bank, has been doing a series of entrepreneurship clinics by established  entrepreneurs for students of the university. Eyram Tawia, is a speaker at a session of the clinic occurring today, March 7, 2014. Here are the program details:

Topic: The secrets of success in business: Lessons for aspiring businessmen
Venue: New Lecture Theater (Behind CCB)
Date: 7th Mar, 2014
Time: 3:00pm

The session includes two other speakers, David Kelvin Amoo-Osae Jnr and Alloysius Attah. Here are brief profiles of all three (3) speakers.

David Kelvin Amoo-Osae Jnr the CEIBS Africa Alumnus of the year 2011 and a renowned Marketing Communications expert whose career spanned across Origin8 Saatchi & Saatchi and Unicorn Group. He is currently the CEO of a Movie Theatre/Cinema Company called the Movie House Plaza with Branches in Dansoman, Kokomlemle, Achimota, Tema, Takoradi, Kumasi, Koforidua and Ho.

Alloysius Attah co-founded Farmerline, a mobile venture in Ghana and Zimbabwe offering improved information access and communication pathways for smallholder farmers and agricultural stakeholders. He is TEDxAccra speaker and has been named by the World Bank and InfoDev as one of the top 20 high impact entrepreneurs in the world at the 5th Global Forum 2013.

Eyram Tawia is the CEO and Co-Founder of Leti Arts (formerly Leti Games) which makes African themed mobile games and comics. Eyram has won many awards including the British Council Young Creative Entrepreneur (2012), Google Ghana Innovation Hero in 2013 and the 2013 Ghana top app awards – Best Entertainment App and App Developer of the year. Eyram and his Co-Founder, Wesley Kirinya, were the first African speakers at the global Game Developers Conference in 2013, where they spoke on the theme “The Emerging Landscape of African Game Development“.

We are looking forward to a fun and entertaining session from Eyram as he speaks on the lessons he has learned in building a world class, game development company from Africa.