Great Minds, Think Alike. Africa’s Legends Game and Marvel Puzzle Quest

It is always exciting to come across products which validate an idea you have and are pursuing. It is even better when it comes from a person or brand or business within your industry that is considered a juggernaut. It feels good to know you are headed in the right direction.

In this respect, Leti Arts and Marvel/D3Publishing are great minds, thinking alike in mobile games.

The game for Africa’s Legends, is a tile-matching puzzle based, fight simulation game using superheroes and villains from the Africa’s Legends universe. Match 3 or more tiles of the same color to attack your opponents. Special game tiles/gems boost your attack or increase your defence.

Marvel Puzzle Quest, is game combing characters from the Marvel Universe with the match 3 puzzles from Puzzle Quest in a fun and compelling game.

We came across this similar idea around our Africa’s Legends game, which in hindsight made us remember, if you think it, it has probably been done or is being done.

Does this mean our dream of a fighting game with Thor versus Pharaoh or Captain America versus Shaka is coming true soon? Maybe…. 🙂

However, although similar, each game has its own unique implementation of merging tile matching puzzles with a fight simulation game. Enjoy these comparison pics between portions of the two games.


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2 thoughts on “Great Minds, Think Alike. Africa’s Legends Game and Marvel Puzzle Quest

  1. Leti arts you guys are doing a great job but the characters you are creating does not look anything like african except their complexion. Maybe you can do something about their costumes it will be great.

    • Hi Emmanuel.

      Sometimes there is more to a story than meets the eye. Our characters have complex, evolving personalities and their background stories are not chronologically depicted. Therefore what you see now is a point in time of the story of these characters.

      The right question to ask is, WHY are some characters dressed ‘African’ (Pharaoh, Shaka, Wuzu) and others (Ananse, Ruddy) not dressed African.

      The truth is, all we can say is, I wish you knew, what we know about their stories….

      With time, all will be revealed and then you can pass judgement…. Lets recap this conversation in a decade or two, after we have made your jaw drop, over and over and over…

      Thanks for being a fan. Stay tuned…

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