After months of hard work between our Kenya and Ghana team, we are really excited to unveil our new branding and website today. Leti Arts has undergone a total brand makeover to reflect its current position as a successful game development studio in Africa. This rebranding was spearheaded by our Creative Director Jake Manion with input from the rest of the team. Even though it had become necessary for us to rebrand, it was really important that we retained our established values and goals but at the same time develop a new identity that was very relatable. This exercise is also to communicate our growth level in the rapidly changing game development scene in Africa.



The first thing you notice that both our logo and colours have changed from yellow, white and black to orange, white and black. It also comes in red and grey. The “A” in arts has also changed significantly. It is now shaped like a rocket that is launching. This reflects our position as the guiding light in the game development and entertainment ecosystem in Africa. The launching rocket is also there to show that Africa is taking control and settling into its rightful place in the global technology space.









Our website http://www.letiarts.com also got an upgrade. We’ve improved the structure of our content, so you’ll get more of a quick read. There’s a whole host of smaller but impactful changes, all to make your experience of the site much better. It comes with quite a number of surprises. You get to have a sneak peek into our new game Africa’s Legend (AL) Reawakening which is the phase two of our existing Africa’s Legends game. This game is based on characters from our history, folklore, culture and heritage. AL Reawakening introduces new characters into the AL Universe with a captivating storyline. We have included a production diary so you can join us on this exciting adventure as we make the best game to ever come out of an African game studio. It gets even better!!! You can be one of the first to know when AL Reawakening goes live. Simply sign up here.










We hope you like the new makeover. We look forward to getting your feedback.


Great Minds, Think Alike. Africa’s Legends Game and Marvel Puzzle Quest

It is always exciting to come across products which validate an idea you have and are pursuing. It is even better when it comes from a person or brand or business within your industry that is considered a juggernaut. It feels good to know you are headed in the right direction.

In this respect, Leti Arts and Marvel/D3Publishing are great minds, thinking alike in mobile games.

The game for Africa’s Legends, is a tile-matching puzzle based, fight simulation game using superheroes and villains from the Africa’s Legends universe. Match 3 or more tiles of the same color to attack your opponents. Special game tiles/gems boost your attack or increase your defence.

Marvel Puzzle Quest, is game combing characters from the Marvel Universe with the match 3 puzzles from Puzzle Quest in a fun and compelling game.

We came across this similar idea around our Africa’s Legends game, which in hindsight made us remember, if you think it, it has probably been done or is being done.

Does this mean our dream of a fighting game with Thor versus Pharaoh or Captain America versus Shaka is coming true soon? Maybe…. 🙂

However, although similar, each game has its own unique implementation of merging tile matching puzzles with a fight simulation game. Enjoy these comparison pics between portions of the two games.


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Africa's Legends: The Game

The Africa’s Legends Game

Africa’s Legends, our universe of African superheroes, influenced by African history and mythology, interspersed with awesome fictional characters, has its very own game. If you haven’t downloaded and played the game, here is a quick primer.

The Game

The Africa’s Legends game is a puzzle based, fight simulation game using superheroes and villains from the Africa’s Legends universe. The game merges the idea of a fighting game, with the simple and much beloved casual gaming genre of tile matching.

Coloured game tiles have icons on them, symbolizing a power move. Matching same color tiles initiates a move as determined by the corresponding icon.

Africa's Legends, fight simulation, puzzled based  game

Africa’s Legends, fight simulation, puzzled based game

The goal of the game is therefore simple but requires strategy to win.

Match three tiles of the same color in a row or column to attack  your opponents with various kicks and punches until your opponents are defeated or they defeat you!

The more tiles you match, the better for your scores. There are also special game tiles which boost your attacking power or shield you from dangerous enemy attacks.

Africa's Legends Game: Basic & Special Gems

Game Play Modes

The Africa’s Legends game, has two playing modes, Quick Battle and Quest Mode.

  • Quick Battle:

Play as any character and fight in a one on one battle against an opponent of your choice. This means you fight both your team mates and villains.

  • Quest Mode:

Quest mode is a progressive game play mode in which you play to defeat opponents at each stage.

Battle to save the rest of your team from a hypnotic spell cast by a super evil Wadabe assassin, known only as The Assassin.

Quest Mode also includes badges, which can be unlocked by defeating opponents. Get badges like the ‘God of Wisdom’ for defeating Ananse or ‘Gamma Master’ for defeating Ruddy.

Screenshot Gallery

Here are more screenshot images of scenes from the game.

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Download: Africa’s Legends

The game is currently available on Android as a FREE download in the Google Play Store. The game is tied into the Africa’s Legends app, which also includes the pilot issue of the comic, Africa’s Legends #1 for free.

Google Play: Africa's Legends, The Game

Africa’s Legends Game

Download Africa’s Legends and don’t forget to leave a review and rating.


Africa's Legends: Intel + Leti Arts

Introducing Africa’s Elite Superhero Team

Africa’s Legends is our superhero series influenced by folklore and historic legends from across Africa. In Africa’s Legends, we reimagine African folklore and historic legends, interspersed with fictional characters, as elite superheroes fighting crime in present day Africa.

” We are connected by a common destiny.
To rid Africa of the scourge of crime perpetuated by those for whom chaos creates wealth and power.
Together we battle crime in Africa.
We are Africa’s elite superheroes.
We are Africa’s Legends….”

This series is the umbrella series from which The True Ananse, the series depicting Kweku Ananse, god of Wisdom as a superhero in modern Ghana was spawned. There is no doubt Africa’s Legends is heavily influenced by African folklore and stories. However we also allowed for creative freedom for our team to indulge themselves and create superheroes, we would all love.

This means occasionally we get questions about having tight panted, Western style superheroes in the Africa’s Legends team. We understand but disagree with the sentiment that the African theme should trump all other creative freedoms. We prefer the diversity. We loved the challenge of figuring out the balance to arrive at our current team of African elite superheroes.

Africa’s Legends come from all over Africa and include, Ananse from Ghana, Pharaoh from Egypt, Shaka from South Africa, Wuzu the Masai and other team members. The Africa’s Legends team has backgrounds as varied and complex as you can find in real life teams and superheroes or not, there will sometimes be conflict.

We will love unveiling all the team members to you over the next few weeks. Of course, the reveal will include the villains and their minions.

Avengers, Justice League! Justice League, Avengers! This must be the thought running through your mind as you read this (unless you are not a superhero fanboy). Yes, Africa’s Legends is our Avengers and Justice League of African superheroes. Did we have to do an Avengers or Justice League! Yes, most definitely. No superhero takes on evil all alone, even though they would never admit it openly.

Our vision with Africa’s Legends is to take Africa’s stories to the world through superhero franchises. We want African and global audiences to enjoy African superheroes, just as much as we enjoy Western superheroes.

We cannot mention Africa’s Legends without mentioning our partners Intel, who are helping bring Africa’s Legends alive! The universe of Africa’s Legends is just beginning and who knows, you might craft the story for the greatest of the Africa’s Legends.

Come join us in this adventure!! Follow Africa’s Legends on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

Africa’s Legends is currently available for Android. It is available as a FREE download from the Google Play Store.

Google Play: Leti Center

Google Play: Leti Center

Africa's Legends: Intel + Leti Arts

Leti Arts and Intel partner to launch Africa’s Legends

Africa’s Legends is a series by Leti Arts that brings Africa’s folklore and historic legends to life through interactive entertainment such as digital comics, mobile games and in the future, TV shows and full length movies.

Africa’s Legends balances the two parts of Leti Arts’ portfolio of characters, historic and folkloric legends and fictional characters, battling crime in Africa, as the continent’s elite group of superheroes. Africa’s Legends brings the classic clash of good versus evil from an African perspective to a worldwide audience. Africa’s elite superheroes, Africa’s Legends, battle master criminals from Africa and around the world.

The series follows the exploits of characters such as Ananse, Shaka, Pharaoh, Wuzu the Massai Warrior and Shizo, an ex-cop turned vigilante against corruption. It also follows the plots and schemes of master villains such as The Pirate and The Wodaabe Assassin.

Our goal of merging the past with the present in an exciting and compelling format is to encourage younger generations to be genuinely excited about African history and culture. The more relevant we make history and culture in education, the better the long term prospects for preserving culture and heritage.

We are proud to deliver this on cutting edge technology, both hardware and software, from our partner Intel.

Wesley Kirinya (CTO, Leti Arts)

Intel Powered Yolo Smartphone from Safaricom

Intel, one of the premier technology companies in the world, is leveraging the expertise of its software partner, Leti Arts to promote its Yolo smartphone, an Android smartphone based on its mobile optimized Intel Atom processor, available in Kenya on Safaricom.

Africa’s Legends is delivered to consumers as an Intel-only compatible Android app, Africa’s Legends on the Google Play Store. It includes both the comic and game, optimized for the Yolo smartphone and other Android devices based on Intel processors.

The Yolo smartphone uses advanced Intel® processors to provide seamless and fast web browsing, super responsive Android apps, and effortless multitasking. Intel has been powering computing for decades and they are now powering your next smartphone. Get ready for the power of Intel Inside® on your phone.

As part of the promotion for Intel powered Android devices, Intel organised the Intel Gaming Challenge at the iHub on Saturday October 12, attended by both avid and casual gamers. The gaming challenge showcased local games from Intel Software Partners  Leti Arts and Ma3 Racer.

[SEE PHOTOS: Intel Gaming Challenge on Facebook]

If you own a Yolo device or an Intel powered Android smartphone or tablet, then head over to the Google Play Store.

Google Play: Africa's Legends

Google Play: Africa’s Legends

You can follow the exploits of Africa’s Legends online:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AfricasLegends/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AfricasLegends
Google+: http://gplus.to/AfricasLegends

Leti Games at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2013

GDC 2013 BannerLeti Games is proud to have both our CEO/Co-Founder, Eyram Akofa Tawia and CTO/Co-Founder, Wesley Kirinya as speakers at the Game Developers Conference 2013.

The Game Developers Conference is the premier international gaming event of the year. It brings creative teams, engineers and business development teams from all over the world together to meet and exchange ideas on the interactive games industry.

GDC 2013 is taking place from March 25th to March 29th, at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, California. Sessions at the GDC are divided into seven tracks and eight summits, dealing with a diverse number of topics.

Courtesy (Maria J. Avila Lopez/Mercury News)

Courtesy (Maria J. Avila Lopez/Mercury News)

The conference begins with a full lineup of summits on Monday, March 25 and Tuesday, March 26 focusing on the emerging trends in a constantly evolving games industry.

Summits include lectures, panels, postmortems and more, to foster community-building within specific sectors of the game industry.

Eyram and Wesley are speakers for the Localization Summit. They will present a lecture titledThe Emerging Landscape of African Game Development” on Tuedsay, March 26.

Here is a quote from the organizers about the importance and goal of the sessions within the localization summit.

“Game localization is a vital function of the ever-expanding global game industry as it’s responsible for half of the industry’s total revenue stream. Successful game publishers and developers realize that localized versions of their games can drive revenues and increase international appeal. “

Emerging markets like Africa provide new opportunities and challenges for localization. Eyram and Wesley are speakers because they represent a wealth of knowledge and experience, about localization in game development in the nascent and fledging African games industry.

To Eyram and Wesley, we say More VIM!!

We will be following their exploits at the GDC through photos, tweets and videos, when they become available.